Sell it Quick. Sell it Smart.

Are you ready to sell your home for top dollar? Valeriy will help you net more money, bottom-line, than you could selling it any other way.

Today’s homeowners have many options to choose from when it comes to selling one of their biggest financial assets. Make sure you ask the right questions when looking for help in selling your home.

Valeriy’s Proven Track Record in netting his customers the most money possible with the least amount of hassle has created many loyal and repeat clients. Utilizing all the available cutting edge technology, Valeriy helps create the maximum possible exposure for the property in the most appealing light, creating intense demand and consistently selling at or above list price in a short period of time.

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Most agents do the bare minimum when it comes to selling the house. They will put the property in MLS and hope a buyer comes along. With Valeriy it's completely the opposite experience. You will get comprehensive marketing, knowledgeable expertise, and earnest, diligent service from start to finish.

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  • All the basics (sign, MLS, fliers)

  • Email network of brokers and their database of buyers about upcoming property

  • Promulgate the home on all the major and minor real-estate related websites

  • Real Time Lead follow-up: Any inquiries through the multiple avenues that buyers can reach out through will be sent directly to Valeriy for immediate follow up, striking while the iron is hot.

  • Extensive social media marketing: Facebook and Instagram original content marketing, as well as targeted ads and boosts that help spread the word and maximize exposure for the property

  • Professionally shot and edited HD photographs

  • Beautiful and professional video walkthru of the property

  • Stunning dedicated website for the property that highlights all the positive aspects

  • Greatly advertised open houses



  • Staging tips and assistance

  • Guidance on prepping the property for listing

  • Expert advice on the little things that can be done to help maximize your home’s appeal

  • Cost benefit analysis of a homes sales price before and after renovations to help in sales-price determination

  • Valeriy’s expertise in construction helps protect you the seller from unreasonable repair demands or inflated repair estimates

  • Valeriy’s utilization of all data available (local sales stats, historical sales stats, showing activity, absorption rate, sales trend) to price the property perfectly for the market, to minimize sale time and maximize profit

  • Analyzing the current market conditions, your personal situation, and crafting the best strategy to move forward

  • Extensive network of quality professionals for whatever need (painting, carpets, landscaping, etc..) to help get the property picture perfect for the sale. You would wash your car before you sell it, right? The same principal applies to selling a home.



  • Helping prepare the home for sale. Sometimes if needed Valeriy will get a paintbrush in hand to help move things forward!

  • Providing Maximum Exposure for the Home

  • Create intense demand to obtain offers

  • Negotiate - Utilize expertise to insure the maximum benefit and minimum concessions to get the deal done

  • Coordinate - Work with buyer’s agents, inspectors, appraisers, surveyors, closing attorney’s, lenders, etc..all the various parties involved in moving things forward smoothly. They will all have one point of contact to go through, and in turn all the information you need to make a decision will be presented simply and succinctly so that the sales process will be as hassle-free as possible